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Please stop calling people toxic!

Please stop calling people toxic!

I know it’s not meant bad.

Let’s just agree that no one is perfect and, in some situations, we might actually be the “toxic one”.

If we have transformed into something/someone where that rarely happens, I think we can reach out the hand to a person that might be ourselves, five years ago.

After all, if that is not the purpose of life, then I don’t know what is.

I was kinda thinking that I don’t want to refer to another human as toxic at all anymore. In the end of the day, these are people who are hurting, in pain, suffering, and most of all less aware and conscious.

It’s no one’s job but theirs to get out of that place, but it’s probably not helpful if we scold them…

What do you think?

An open heart is always a good start?





Louise Harms - Self Awareness & Mindfulness Mentor

Louise is a visionary and game-changer ready to end all forms of inequality. First, inside. And then outside. She believes in a world where;

  • we are all winners
  • we all have a value, nature has appointed to us
  • and that all this comparing has made us focus on finite games when life is an infinite one - where each and every one of us, sets our own limits

Get ready to have your mind blown and change the current system.

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