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3 simple ways to instantly connect

3 simple ways to instantly connect

Many of us have, that one friend or family member, whose opinions have made it hard to keep out of fights and stay friends. Maybe you even felt like you had to call it off?

That together with one look of despair in any given news-media-outlet - it’s easy to feel like the gap between people is getting larger and larger by the minute.

Truth is, this makes most of us feel bad - no matter at what end of the conversation we are. Humans are very social beings. Most of us are constantly either looking or yearning for connection. But surprisingly most of us are not very good when it really comes down to it.

Actually, most conversations people have are not ones of taking turns to talk and listen, but more about taking turns to talk.

Please forgive yourself if that one hit you now. We are all very bad at this and it’ 's not because we are egocentric a**holes. Actually, it’s because most of us are on the deficiency side when it comes to connection. So, WE SHARE to try to connect, Sometimes that works. But real, compassionate, empathic, deep connection is an whole other art.

If you want to build these connections there is ONE WORD and ONE SKILL to focus at and that’s;


It’s really not that complicated.

Even when that someone comes, the one whose opinions you can’t stand - make it a sport to be curious. We cannot always be loving, but we can always be curious and you’d be surprised how easy it is to find a connection if that is really what you want.

Separation truly is the biggest illusion there ever was. And make no mistake about it, history has shown us, it is a very dangerous and powerful one.

Whenever you get the feeling, we humans are drifting apart, do something to connect

  • Smile at a stranger
  • Ask the cashier how their day was
  • Ask questions

Them not smiling back or not answering is NOT about you.

You have nothing to lose and so much to win.

We all win.



Louise Harms - Self Awareness & Mindfulness Mentor

Louise is a visionary and game-changer ready to end all forms of inequality. First, inside. And then outside. She believes in a world where;

  • we are all winners
  • we all have a value, nature has appointed to us
  • and that all this comparing has made us focus on finite games when life is an infinite one - where each and every one of us, sets our own limits

Get ready to have your mind blown and change the current system.

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