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Did you ever stop to think about what your thoughts actually are?   I mean most people in the western civilisation base their entire identity upon them, so it would make sense to actually know.   I…

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Karma is only a Bitch, if you are one

There are many universal laws. People study them during their entire life-time. I’ve studied them as well. What I can say is that, it boils down to one thing - we are born with all the guidance we nee…

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The chemicals released while crying help us self-regulate

So, let's talk about crying. This very natural response that is very stigmatised in our society. How can it be that we 2021 still tell little boys that "boys don't cry"? Who even came up with that and…

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5 simple ways to stay healthy in the Home Office era

I know many of us have loved this new way of working. The freedom. The time won, from not having to go to the office. The absence of lame small-talk and meaningless meetings - now they are over Video …

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Mindfulness to help stop procrastinating

“Come on now, focus! Focus, focus, focus!” Chances are pretty good that you’ve experienced that little voice in your head, telling you it’s time to stop procrastinating and get down to business. It’s …

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Louise Harms

Louise is a mindfulness mentor on a mission to make mindfulness more accessible and simple. For her it's not only a human ability but also a need and the place we all need to learn how to connect with if we want to make this planet a better place for everything living now and in the future.

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