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Karma is only a Bitch, if you are one

There are many universal laws. People study them during their entire life-time. I’ve studied them as well. What I can say is that, it boils down to one thing - we are born with all the guidance we need inside of us.

A bear doesn’t read a book on how to be a bear and catch the greatest fish. It just does it.
A pregnant cat doesn’t read books on how to deliver her kittens and how to be a mom – she just does it.


As much as we like to think so – we are not any different. If we follow our spirit, heart, soul (a loved child has many names (Swedish proverb)). Simply, if we do what “feels” right, good, joyful, easy and avoid what does not, we are by default following the universal laws.


Think about how it feels good to make someone happy or bad to do the opposite.
We are all connected. We are all one.
That is the essence of karma.

Actually, if you did something to someone, that didn’t feel right, that bad feeling in you is already karma - reminding you that you took the wrong path.


Self-awareness is the key element here. It’s the foundation we all need before we can really get gritty with our mindset blocks. With our life in general. How can you even know what you want before knowing yourself?

Pythagoras said:
“Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”
MEDITATION: Just 3-5 minutes of doing nothing, practising letting thoughts pass is enough

REFLECT: What triggers you? Is there someone you don’t like? Ask yourself “why”, multiple times.

TAROT: Pull a card. Not because it has to mean anything, just see how it makes you feel. What resonates. What doesn’t. A small check in. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

EXPANSION: The universe is not asking you to be perfect. It applauds you for simply doing the best you can. That is all you have to do. Think growth.

You are carrying the guide-book inside yourself. Start looking into it. I promise it will be the best book you’ll ever read.



Louise Harms - Self Awareness & Mindfulness Mentor

Louise is a visionary and game-changer ready to end all forms of inequality. First, inside. And then outside. She believes in a world where;

  • we are all winners
  • we all have a value, nature has appointed to us
  • and that all this comparing has made us focus on finite games when life is an infinite one - where each and every one of us, sets our own limits

Get ready to have your mind blown and change the current system.

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